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The reasons why Kolkata is now known as the “Culture Capital of India” are aplenty. Come and visit to know why.

Kolkata is one of the oldest cities of the country which is rich is culture, traditions, and natural beauty. There are various things to explore in this city related to Indian history and literature. Many travel companies are offering various Kolkata tour packages online that cover various exciting destinations of this city. This city is made by the indomitable spirit of the self-made middle-class people. Widely known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata still continues to produce generations of poets, leaders, intellects, writers, film producers, and Nobel Prize winners.

Kolkata Tour Packages

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Kolkata Sunderbans with Shantiniketan

6 days | 1 country | 3 cities

Kolkata (2N) | Sunderbans (2N) | Kolkata (1N) | Shantiniketan