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The “Manchester of India” swears by its liveliness, is imbued by its rich culture, and enlivened by its colourful aura.

If the mystifying nature of a place catches your intrigue, then one of the Megacities of India, Ahmedabad, is surely going to be a treat! Nestled in Gujarat’s heart, the dynamic and buoyant city of Ahmedabad offers an experience that will enliven all of your five senses. Tourism in Ahmedabad will be like living through the paradoxical mystique between the quaint and the contemporary, the peace and the chaos, the righteous and the ruthless, the Spiritual and the corporeal.

But it’s these very opposites that have carried tourists from all over for the tour of Ahmedabad. Owing to the uniqueness of the city, visitors find themselves immersed completely in the innate spirit of Ahmedabad. On one end, the noise from the industrial growth and burgeoning malls will amaze you, and on the other, the calm and the serenity of the Gandhi Ashram on the banks of river Sabarmati will soothe you. The elite educational institutions will impress you, the hospitality of the people and their unbreakable spirit at the core will humble, the traffic, however, might baffle you, but surely the culture and art of will reinvigorate you. Ahmedabad vacation packages at Inevitable will help you to truly discover the magnificence of Gujarat’s megacity. See MOre

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Gateway to one of India’s biggest natural treasures, Port Blair is a hot destination for vacations for tourists and travelers all year round. The largest town on the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands, it is also multicultural and maintains a convivial environment at all times. From witnessing exotic wildlife such as deer and peacocks to setting out for thrilling adventure sports, Port Blair has a lot in store for those visiting it.