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A corny town with a reputation of giving hope to explorers, since the beginning of time, Cape Town is a land where curiosity shines!

The exotic country of Oman has a strong sense of identity and pride. And why not? The Omani people are proud of their rich, long legacy, steeped in traditions and values, at the same time keeping up with the modern times. On Oman tour packages, the Omani culture can be seen and felt by the visitors in almost every aspect of their stay, from the architecture to the mannerism. At times, Oman tends to get overshadowed and side-lined by its famous neighbours, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. But the world is slowly beginning to acknowledge the charisma of Oman vacation packages. The haunting beauty of the desert, the historic forts, stunning beaches, majestic mountain ranges, and above all, the warm embrace of Omani hospitality makes Oman holiday packages from India all the more gratifying.

Oman Tour Packages

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Dubai Abu Dhabi Oman with Ferrari World and Bollywood Park

8 days | 2 countries | 3 cities

Dubai (4N) | Abu Dhabi (1N) | Muscat (2N)